Seiko 4S & 8L Brightz Family (SAGN005 SAGN007 SAGL001 SAGL005 SAGM007)

This Christmas Eve I had a very special treat. A fellow collector allowed me to borrow his collection of Brightz watches in order to do a photo review. Together with my own Brightz, I believe this is almost the complete … Continue reading

Credor Seiko GCAY999 – 4S79 Handwinding

I would like to share yet another knock-out beauty that came into my possession recently. The addition of this watch helps to build up both my Credor collection and also my 4s movement collection, having now in my possession the 4s15, 4s25 (already … Continue reading

Seiko Mechanical SARN001 – GMT Time Traveller (4S36)

Synchronicity works in mysterious ways, much like how life unfolds. Life almost never turns out as planned, yet the outcome can be somewhat surprising. This is especially true for watch collectors, like myself, where we encounter in forums/blogs/news about certain … Continue reading