Everyone needs a kinetic landmaster






Seiko Kinetic Landmaster (SBDW005) from the Prospex lineup.

Full one piece titanium case, with titanium bracelet and ratcheting clasp
Blood red carbon fibre dial
5m65 movement with true GMT function
6 month power reserve with low power indicator
Smooth, bidirectional compass bezel
Simply awesome and indestructible

Bought this recently as I believe every true hard core Seiko fan should own a watch that encompass each Seiko technology (spring drive, kinetic, mechanical and quartz).

The printing on the dial is simply outstanding. The power indicators are also printed on the carbon fibre dial which itself is not black, but a seductive blood red tint.  Probably only my SAGN brightz dial is of equal quality.

The Seiko name and hour markers are all applied which adds a touch of class.

The hour markers and all hands (except the GMT hand) are lumed. Can’t beat a monster but will shine throughout the night. The hands are also purposely painted white in order to minimize reflection. Very suitable for a tool watch.

Satin finished and resists scratches very well (wonder if this is a non brighten version of the Brightz titanium). My only other watch which resists scratches as well is my Damasko. Even my Shogun (with the rare brightz titanium with diashield combination) is not up to par.

The caseback logo is consistent for all generations of landmaster, and it is pretty nice in my humble opinion.

As this is a one piece case (also proudly proclaimed on the dial) the movement must be loaded from the front. Given that this is a kinetic movement, I do not expect this to happen very often.

Flat sapphire glass, with an outstanding level of work done on the bezel. If all bezels are as finely detailed as the landmaster’s, I’ll gladly go for watches with compass bezel over timing/24hr bezels any day. There has to be at least 2 levels of finishing on the bezel alone. Also take note that the compass points are not engraved but etched out, which I believe is a more difficult and expensive process.

Overall, I am very pleased with my first ever kinetic watch. Probably the only other high end/prospex kinetic watch is the Seiko diver (SBDD001) which comes with direct drive technology (a further refinement of kinetic technology) , where the battery can be charged via handwinding as well. Another rare watch though.

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