As close to a diver watch heaven that you can get

Apologies to my readers as I have not been blogging regularly over the past months due to 2 reasons:

  1. I just relocated back to Singapore from Thailand and was very busy with my new job, which including a 2 week training stint in London and long hours back at the office
  2. I have been contributing to a fairly popular watch blog on the internet, which most of you would have heard of… Hence do expect some of my past writings from this blog to appear there in a somewhat familiar form.

During the course of research on future articles for w&w, I recently took the opportunity to pay a visit to a renowned Seiko collector here in Singapore. Some of my Singaporean readers might be familiar with Badern. He was quite active on watch forums a few years back but his days of forum surfing have taken a backseat to his career and 5 kids (and 4 cats). However as I found out just last week, his watch collection certainly suffered no slowdown! His watch collection is 99% focused on dive watches because Badern believes in wearing all his watches, and given his size, only big, manly dive watches will do for him.

I have never seen so many Seiko watches in one place (other than in watch shops) and certainly not so many Seiko divers (plus other watch brand divers) all in one place, WHICH I SIMPLY HAD TO SHARE WITH MY READERS.

Given my decade long hobby of collecting watches, I thought that I would be aware of almost all watch brands, but at Badern’s place there were still a couple of watch brands which was the first time I set my sight on them.




And more Seikos!


Seriously the last watch I thought I’ll see here, the watch on the left is the grand daddy of all Stargates. It might look like a stargate, but it’s powered by a 8L35 (same movement in the Marine Master 300) and it falls under the Brightz Phoenix range with exemplery finishing although the stamped clasp was a surprise for a watch at this price range. SAGQ007, go google it


This was a micro brand I’ve never seen before but look at the thickness of that baby! Its powered by a ETA movement and if I recall correctly, water resistant to 1000m or another absurd number like that. Completely gauge-like, even more functional looking than the tunas.


This is from Vintage VDB, a brand I thought I’ll never see in the flesh out of oceanictime blog. They produce handmade watches from Germany, usually powered by NOS vintage watch movements!



Gentleman, yes this is the crazily domed crystal Helberg CH1 in bronze! This distortion on the crystal is just nuts. This is a homage to the first Rolex that went down to the Mariana trench. Equally awesome to wear out, although I’d be fearful of smashing the crystal against something each time.


Thought that Seiko cornered the Japanese market (actually really the entire market) on shrouded watches? Think again, Ricoh had their own homage to Seiko’s tuna, back when they were still around making watches.  You know what they say, Imitation is the best form of flattery.20170219_15154920170219_151557

Now this is probably the most elegant watch I’ve seen among Badern’s dive watch collection. Mother-of-pearl dial and that layered metal look (Mokume Gane)! Wow, just WOW!. I thought it was damascus steel, but it’s something more orderly than that! This watch came from the highly customisable H2O watches.


Yes this is the watch that started the entire micro watch brand trend! This is the Dreadnought (2nd iteration) from Timefactors!


A pair of the older generation (non hacking) Orient Star 300m divers. Comes with the same functionality as the MM300, but without the finishing and hence half the price.

Ok that’s it for this post. I’ve left out his Seiko pieces which deserves a post by itself for a separate time!


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