Seiko Prospex Zimbe MM300 SLA013J1

From my last entry,where I shared a Thailand only turtle,I just spotted another advertisement, this time for what seems to be a Zimbe variant of the MM300!

The print ad is not sharp enough to determine the movement number but given that its been given the official “Marinemaster” moniker certainly suggests that it’s powered by the 8L movement.

In addition, the dreaded cyclops is missing while the turquoise dial offers a stunning wave motif,radiating out from the center.

To be honest,it looks exactly like the Europe only MM300 SLA015 announced earlier in July,but the model number differs by 2. Perhaps there are indeed some subtle differences that I have yet to spot.

Nevertheless, it actually looks like a daring take on the venerable MM300 for Seiko Thailand,but I have to say it looks well put together. I expect this to be sold at a premium, but Seiko Thailand certainly won’t have problems moving this particular stock for sure!

Update:It’s on the official Seiko Zimbe website.

Same old hardlex crystal,but comes with diashield coating to resist scratches on the case. Apparently the hour and seconds hand are pink gold as well!

Translation of Specifications using Google translate:



● Innovative diving watch with the compound (ONE-PIECE STRUCTURE) prevent helium gas into the air.

● backup power for up to 50 hours a deviation of only + 15 / -10 seconds per day.

● distinctive wavelet pattern with face paint Life Blues (LIGHT BLUE) sparkles like ocean waves.

● housing and stainless steel high quality strengthens.

● Increased durability even further enhanced by coating the Old City Diamond (DIAMOND SHIELD).

● double curved glass and specialty light reflex (DUAL- CURVED HARDLEX WITH NON-REFLECTIVE UPPER COATING).

● coated alumina Bright (LUMIBRITE) at the time display. Glow in the dark more than 60%.

● striking heads With its hour hand and the second hand Color Pink Gold.

● Lock wire three-story slide extended. The ease and simplicity in all things

● special hose with black urethane.


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