Broken Spring bar

Thought your spring bar would never break? Guess again.

I never thought a spring bar used in the proper manner (i.e. the right length, with the correct shoulder diameter) would ever fail, but a spring bar used in my own watch broke just a few days ago.

IMG_20160719_204527 (2)

Surprisingly, the spring bar that broke were not the ones that attach the strap to the watch head, but rather the one that holds the tang buckle to the shorter strap.

Even more surprising, was that it broke clean down the middle where the tang buckle swivels, rather than the ends (also known as the shoulders). I’m guessing that as the tang buckle swivels, it probably “rubs” and “wore down” the spring bar. Now, we should take note that the buckle pivots freely around the spring bar when new (which was also the stock spring bar that came with the strap), but over time as dirt and grime started to build up, it created wear and tear during any swiveling action.

I do need to confess that this strap was used with my Seiko Landmaster, which is my go-to watch for all sports and outdoor activities. For example, I wear the Landmaster for all my runs, gym workouts and hikes. I also tend to bring it along as my sole watch for any trips overseas, work or otherwise, due to its true GMT functionality and overall hardiness combined with the lightweight of the monobloc titanium construction.

So there, for you watch enthusiasts who treat your beater watch as hard as I do, perhaps its time to give a quick wash and scrub to those hard-to-reach places of your strap/bracelet. Dismantling and removing all the spring bars for a quick wash certainly seems like a good idea now!


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