A very Rare Seiko Brightz 4S27 SAGN015

A reader of my blog (WUS user: hotsauz) got in touch with me some time back with regards to getting a replacement leather strap for a Laurel Historical Reissue SCVM001. Lately he also came back in touch to share with me one of his latest purchases, a very rare 4S27 powered Brightz. I touched briefly on its more common non limited edition cousin, the SAGN007, in a previous post as well.

This was what I said previously about the SAGN007 and its cousins:

SAGN007: 4S27 Automatic, GMT, Retrograde Day, Jumping Date (+25/-15). There are 3 (as far as I know) LE editions of this model, the SAGN006/8 which came with a pink gold bezel and gold hands and hour markers. The dial is white non-enamel (006)/ black enamel (008). The other LE edition is the SAGN015, which is the same as the SAGN007 with a blue-black dial. These LE editions are rare as hen’s teeth and I have yet to see any in person or for sale.

Lately I also discovered another limited edition of this 4S27 Brightz. I am unable to recall the model number, but it had some very distinctive features. It had a very dark green enamel dial, gold bezel and crowns, and also a frog in lieu of the 4 o’clock marker! You might still be able to see it here.


Look carefully and spot the Frog at Four!


Anyway I requested for hotsauz’s permission to share photos of his latest purchase with my readers and also asked for some of his thoughts on this purchase. He kindly agreed and all photos below were provided by him (captions by me).

This was what he had to say about the SAGN015:

Originally I am attracted to the cushion case, the “B” on dial, the 38mm size, and the enamel dial by the Brightz SAGN005/007 models a while back. And I had always wanted to own one so I constantly keep my eyes on the used market.

As I didn’t even know the existence of this very model (SAGN015) until someone had it for sale, I immediately looked it up and I knew I just had to get it.

The deep blue enamel dial that changes color depending on the lights that hit it, the shiny and fancy center second hand with the “B” tip and the GMT function are all bonuses on top of what I had expected.

So, it checks pretty much all boxes that I could ever asked for on a SEIKO model that is so rare and beautifully engineered.


To illustrate what a fantastic movement this is. 1) This movement has 6 hands 2) Second most complicated Seiko movement after the 4S36/76 with 7 hands. It comes with an additional power reserve not found in this 4S27. 3) Single retrograde complication for the Day sub-dial on the right. 4) This is also a true GMT and feature an independently set hour hand. Home time can be found at the 24 sub-dial on the left. 5) Date sub-dial found on the bottom. 6) This movement beats at 8bps and has a power reserve of 50 hours, compared to the usual 42 hours for the run of the mill 4S movements. 


Twin Crowns. 


Distinctive twin capped jewels of the 4S movement. This watch is also a sapphire sandwich, both the front and the back crystals are sapphire for enhanced scratch resistance.


Lovely blue-black enamel dial. Being enamel, this dial will never tarnished with time.


This particular cushion watch design was used by Seiko only in this particular Brightz family in the early to mid 2000s and never repeated to-date. The watch case, including the bracelet and clasp, is made from Brightz Titanium Alloy. Coupled with the enamel dial and high grade movement, this entire family of Seiko watches presents an unbelievable combination of value for their asking price. This has never been matched by the 6R powered Seiko watches today.


Brightz logo on the clasp, which is in lovely condition. I have seen many which are already worn out over time.


Another shot of the twin crowns.




Blue is more vivid in this picture compared to the above, depending on how the light hits the dial. One word, Lovely. 


Lastly, a compulsory wrist shot on its new owner’s wrist.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos of this rare Brightz. I certainly did and once again would like to thank hotsauz for this!

I do encourage my readers who would like to share a write-up and pictures of their rare Seikos on my blog to drop me an email (musingsofawatchaddict@gmail.com) any time!

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