Interesting Seiko find on the Bay: Seiko 4S SUS 4S15-7020 25J 28800bph SCFF003

Been some time since my last posting on interesting finds on the Bay, simply because there was nothing that was screaming for attention.

This time its different.

If you click on this eBay link, you’ll see a 4S SUS for sale, with what seems to be complete box.

All pictures in this post is taken from the eBay link and belongs to the seller, not mine.


This particular watch is one of the most famous 4S watches and is probably also one of the first watches to use the 4S15 movement, keeping in mind that Seiko resurrected the Cal 52 first as a high grade 4S35 in the early 1990s, before gradually releasing watches with lower grades 4S25 and 4S15 movements. You can refer to this excellent post for more details about the 4S SUS watch.


This is not the first 4S SUS I have seen sold on eBay or on watch forums, but it certainly is one of the more complete sets I’ve seen so far. Once again, I need to clarify that I have never owned an example of the 4S SUS, so I cannot confirm if all the accompanying items are correct, but from comparison to a well known source of photos, I believe that neither the strap nor the clasp are correct for this model, while the black container and the cardboard external box, might be correct.


Photo from tempusdomains showing the correct strap and box


Another tempusdomains photo showing the box, strap and papers


Photo from tempusdomains, which if correct, means the strap provided by the eBay seller is wrong.

Another astonishing fact is that with 4 days left, the bidding has already reached a fever pitch of USD 700 dollars.


In my opinion, this is probably the maximum I would pay for the watch with correct box and papers, but not strap nor buckle. However with 4 days left, I’m certain that it will end up close to USD 1,000 thereabouts. This is a lot of money for a normal 4S, albeit one that probably made Seiko so famous online, so lets see if this has a trickle down effect on other more complicated 4S watches found in cases made of more expensive metals, i.e. titanium.

In my opinion, up till today Seiko’s 4S watches provide the best bang for the buck compared to its 8L / 9S watches, and are currently still somewhat undervalued although recognition is gradually picking up. This is especially true for the more complicated 4S variants, which up till now has never been matched in terms of versatility with the current 6R range of watches, even though most of the 6R driven watches today are selling for more than the 4S counterparts of yesteryear.

I’m going to re-post the description and photos from the eBay seller for future reference.

Japan SEIKO automatic watch SUS Hi-Beat 4S15-7020 in 1996

Movement: 4S15, SEIKO TIME CORP, Auto-winding, 25 jewels, 28800bph.

Case diameter: 34 mm

Dial: Original, signed “JAPAN 4S15-7020 R 2, fine.

Glass: Original, crystal glass, some scratches.

Case material: Stainless Steel

Crown: Original

Band: Used, Bambi made, it fits for wrist of 20 cm or less.

Date: Works fine automatically, also manually.

Box: Original? signed “SEIKO SPORTS”, 120 x 110 x 65 mm.

Condition: Used, it runs well, +- 1 minute a day.

For practical, everyday use, it would be advisable to have the movement cleaned and oiled.

Shipping by EMS from Japan.

  Asia:  14$

  North America, Australlia: 17$

  Europe: 19$

  South America, Africa: 21$

Payment :  Paypal







Musings: 16 December 2015, listing ended exactly where I posted this listing. USD 698 looks like the limit for the SUS.



2 thoughts on “Interesting Seiko find on the Bay: Seiko 4S SUS 4S15-7020 25J 28800bph SCFF003

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  2. I’ve had one with black dial and it came in similar set-up. By far, this is one of the nicest, most comfortable, and best proportioned watches. It’s a pity it was too small for my wrist. At 36 mm size the wide bezel made the watch look even smaller. But the finish of the case, the hand-design and the attention to detail were really high quality. It was a little gem. In the end I sold it for over US$1700. I wish Seiko were to re-introduce this watch, but with some changes to the design: it should be a bit bigger (40 mm case width), the case back should be solid (no need for a transparent case on a military style watch or on a watch with an unadorned movement) and the smallest tick marks should be seconds. The original had sub-second tick marks that were unnecessary and added some clutter to the dial. Otherwise the watch should be the same.

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