2 deadly Sinns

My friend shared with me photos of these 2 Sinns. Hopefully I’ll be able to borrow to do a photo review soon. Japan limited edition 556, brown dial. Legendary Sinn 156B with the discontinued Lemania 5100 movement!

Opinion: Conversations with a WIS and a non-WIS about the same watch brand

Being a WIS, many friends approach me for advice about watches.

It could be how does a particular complication work? [Google it.]

Why makes 1 watch brand better than the other? [Perception.]

How to get the best deal for a particular model? [Snipping on online auctions helps.Otherwise buy it on the grey market.]

How best to maintain their mechanical watch? [Hmm, how about avoiding water and regular servicing?]

Where can they get a watch repaired? [Authorised Service Centers if possible.]

Many times, I also neglect the fact that WIS and non-WIS process watch-related information very differently from each other.

Case in point happened very recently with regards to the same watch brand which was very hilarious in how differently they turned out.

The watch brand (here on known as X) which I shall not mentioned by name but do take note that I have nothing against them. They are one of the most well known Swiss watch brands in the world, spending the most on marketing each year and they also have the most number of submissions to COSC. Due to their marketing prowess, it is no wonder they are the default go to brand for people looking to get their first luxury mechanical watch.

Conversation with a non-WIS looking for his first renowned luxury watch (edited for content)

This friend is a commercial pilot who started off with a quartz Tag dive watch, then a quartz Tissot chronograph, and now has both a Seiko cocktail time and green alpinist. He has enough Seikos and wants a Swiss mechanical watch next. This is a completely understandable evolution for anyone making his mark in life and it does not get better than being a pilot.

HE: All the X watches are damn nice. Model 1! Model 2! Model 3!

ME: Get one! The Model 4 Perpetual has some new models this year and they are powered by a new movement. They are also probably the cheapest of the X watches.

HE: But I don’t need a perpetual. There’s also a half gold series right?

ME: Perpetual for X doesn’t mean perpetual calendar

HE: Really? What does it mean then?

ME: And never buy half gold, Totally no value. Just get a full gold X or a full stainless steel X

(at this point, I completely forgot to explain what perpetual for X means)

HE: When I want to buy, I’ll ask you along

ME: No need. Their watches are boring. Nothing complicated. Every year, they have the same designs. Even their sister brand is more interesting.

HE: But that’s because their watches are classic!

At this point, I realised that the overwhelming majority of consumers will agree with my friend and buy a X watch thanks to their superb and persistent marketing. I have nothing against X and they make good watches for their price, just that I would rather spend the money on more interesting brands. Also, I’ll never buy a hideous half gold watch, no matter the brand.

Conversation with a WIS (edited only for privacy, contents completely untouched)

This friend is a fellow WIS who owns many notable watches from Seiko and non Seiko alike. He has a fantastic vintage Doxa dead beat seconds, and a vintage Oris alarm watch!

ME: (Shares a picture of a half gold X watch, egging him to buy one)