Seiko Brightz 4s15 SAGN001

So I havent been blogging recently, but I decided to showcase some of the more interesting watches I purchased recently.

First up, I wanted to show my very first Brightz.


The Brightz series by Seiko, from what I could find on-line, started sometime in the late 1990s, early 2000s. The lineup at that time was made of a proprietary Seiko titanium alloy which is as shiny as stainless steel. In fact, from what I can tell, there is no way to distinguish Brightz titanium from polished stainless steel, except by holding it. The lack of weight is remarkable when compared to a equivalent stainless steel watch. Normal titanium is a dull grey in colour. Refer here for a Tudor dive watch that is made of titanium (Pelagos).

Anyway I wanted to owe my very first titanium watch, and I turned to Seiko’s Brightz line-up. I would say that Seiko’s mechanical product range (starting with the high-end/most expensive) would be:

Credor (Note that certain Credors are priced way above Galante, but these are few and far in between)
Grand Seiko
Ananta/Brightz Ananta

As you can tell, the Brightz range falls just below the Grand Seiko and Ananta ranges. To note that the Brightz Ananta range was a recent introduction, and is no longer limited to using the Brightz alloy, in other words there are non-Brightz titantium  models now also found under this product line up. A very good example of a stainless steel model is found here.

Its pretty confusing to me initially to find out that there are stainless steel watches that are not using Brightz titanium found under the Brightz series to be honest.

The Brightz series was not meant to be a dress watch/business watch like the Grand Seiko range. Rather, they are supposed to combine elegance and sporty elements of watches.


This model (SAGN001) was powered by the legendary 4s15 movement (read here for more info on the 4s family of movement). It is also a Limited Edition of 500 watches released in 2002/3.

It retailed with a titanium bracelet, unfortunately the previous owner sold it separately, as such I was only able to get the head. Fortunately this model is really meant to be worn with a leather strap, rather than a metal bracelet. Otherwise, I have the full box and paper, but the warranty card is missing as well.


What do I like about the watch? The first thing that catches the eye is the oversized arabic numerals at 12,6 and 9. Note that all the hour indices are applied (not painted!) It simply screams quality. Also the indices, together with the hands are all highly polished and catches the light easily. In addition the entire watch head, except for the front of the lugs are highly polished, like any other dress stainless watch. The bezel as you can tell is quite substantial and adds presence to the watch, while making the watch wear smaller than it actually is, due to the smaller dial.



The hands (except for the second hand) and the hour indices are all lumed and shines brightly at night (after charging) even after almost a decade.


The “B” insignia just above the 6 o’clock indices and at the end of the second hand are very well done and adds to the coherence of the series. Note that not all Brightz watches have these details.



The case back and front crystal are both sapphire, which is not commonly found in Seiko watches these days. The 4s15 movement is not decorated extensively. The crown is also signed with a “B” and screws down for a water resistance of 100m.


This close up shot at this angle shows more clearly the applied indices. Also the hands on this particular model are not seen in any other watches outside of this series (there are also retrograde models)  that I have seen. They are truly remarkable in the attention given to them. If you observe the hour hand, you can see that it is not flat, but rather both sides slopes downwards from a centre line. Did I mention that it is also highly polished as well?

From my trolling of the internet and various watch forums, this model hasen’t been very popular, probably due to the high retail cost and also the fact that it is not a diver (who doesn’t love a Seiko diver?). Nevertheless, this watch encouraged me to pursue and appreciate Seiko’s Brightz watches more. The combination of the 4s movement, Brightz titanium, applied arabic numerals were what convinced me to pick this up in the first place. Never regretted it.

I would encourage anyone who stumbled across this post to start looking at the old Brightz Mechanical series (the current series are mainly non-mechanical which is a pity) with a different perspective now! Final shot of my 2 Brightz watches together. I will do a review of the other Brightz (on the right) another time!


7 thoughts on “Seiko Brightz 4s15 SAGN001

  1. Thanks for sharing the insight regarding Seiko, very interesting and well thought review.
    Just want to add a small piece, currently the most expensive Seiko watch would be Credor Sonnerie, while the Galante’s price might range up to JPY 2 mio.

    Again, thanks for this great post.


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  5. I am looking for my Seiko Brightz Titanium Limited edition. It is somewhere in my house. I don’t know what to do with it because I have not found a place where I can get it serviced!

    • Any competent Seiko authorized watch maker will be able to service ay Seiko. If you can’t find one, try calling Pfaff Jewellers: 430 Clarence Street, London, ON, N6A 3M8, (519) 432-5157.
      They are an authorized Seiko dealer and service all my new and vintage Seiko watches. You won’t find better service anywhere.

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