All it takes is a little madness….

All it takes is a little madness…to splurge on (fill in your own blanks!)…

Over lunch today, a female colleague commented that it took a little madness for her to buy her first branded handbag, which was half of her monthly salary.

It led me to reflect on my own little brush of madness which led me to buy my first expensive watch, a Damasko DA34.

Rationally and economically, I had absolutely no justification to buy (yet another) a watch. However a little episode that occurred before the purchase, led me to realise that we are not put on this planet to simply work, accumulate wealth and retire.

Sometimes, we all need a little madness to make our little world a more beautiful and interesting place. This includes throwing all reason out of the window and buy an overpriced luxury good once in awhile.

Even though, we might never risk wearing the watch for fear of scratching it. Even though, we might only admire it from behind a watch case. Even though, no one else but us know its true intrinsic value. Even though we might have a little regret after splurging. I promise you only one thing, it always seem so LIBERATING during the point of purchase.

And that is what I call a little madness…

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